music director & conductor

Working with Tobi is like working with a “Jill of All Trades”. There are so many components and skills she brings to a production. She was not only my music director but my dialect coach as well.

The most important thing Tobi provides is an understanding, as an actor herself, that the character and story is what is most important. She let us play and provided insight into everything we did but never let us settle for just “good” or “passable”.

She sees the potential in each cast member and really brings out some A+ material. Add on to that her constant support and you’ve got a great addition to any production.

Tommy Bullington

Jeff Award, Best Supporting Actor, Return To Neverland (Quest Ensemble)


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There are 3 things that make Tobi the best musical director I’ve worked with:

  1. She understands the overall vision of the music and is faithful to it. She finds the phrasing and meaning in the notes on the page and brings it to life.
  2. She has a good rapport with the musicians. She is a good teacher. She knows what it takes to communicate the music on their level, whatever that may be. She is demanding while being personable, which means the end product is always good.
  3. She has a strong work ethic. She is reliable and punctual. Without these values, any musical skill would be pointless.

Simply, I trust Tobi to bring my music to life.

Scott C. Lamps

Emmy and Jeff Award winning composer


Audio selections from Shedd Aquarium’s One World aquatic show, featuring my conducting of an adult chorus and the Chicago Children’s Choir. For video and more information about my role in the project, visit my blog post about the recording session.